Bar Mitzvah Photography Boston, and Beyond

Mitzvah Photography Guide

With a lifetime of experience and a B.F.A., in Professional Photography from

Rochester Institute of Technology, I continue to move TheSTUDIO into the 21st Century

by combining the quality and craftsmanship of yesterday, with a sensitivity to today's style.  

I will capture the traditions and customs of your child's passage into

adulthood. By combining elegant, contemporary and exciting photography, I will

document this most precious day with photography that will become a

Keepsake for generations to follow.  


Concise Coverage $2495.00

   -Up to 8 hours of  photographic coverage.

   -Six Months of Online Proofs

   -Hard Cover 12x12 Proofbook

   - Digital Negatives on DVD

   Additional Albums & Photographs are a la carte

Photography Coverage with Album for $3195.00 includes:

          -Temple & Reception coverage (up to 8 hours total)

          -Full set of High Resolution Files on DVD  (Delivered with album)

          -Six Months of  online Proofing

          -Hardcover 12x12 Proof book

          -Album Design Session

 NuVision Coffee Table Book             Included in the base price 

    This Album has a Laminated Lustre Photographic Cover or Bonded Leather Cover,

    and thin photographic pages.  Its beauty is enhanced with Designer Album Pages 

    as well as custom panorama pages.

        Album includes 30-10x10 Sides

  •             Additional 2-10x10 Sides ... $60.00
  •             Additional 10x20 Side... $60.00 each
  •             NuVision 12x12 upgrade...$400.00

The Renaissance Library Album                  add $100.00

     A handmade reversible slip-in album crafted in Leather or Cowless Leather or Silk.  Each matte is slid-in to 

     the page for viewing without turning.  Multiple photographs on a page available.  

     Pages are black or ivory and two lines of engraving are included.

Album includes 20-8x10 photographs and 10-multi-photograph pages

       Additional Pages (must be ordered two pages at a time)

              One 8x10 photograph......$26.00ea.

              Two 5x7 photographs     $38.00per pg.

              One 5x7 and two 4x5 photographs......$42.00per pg.

              Four-4x5 photographs....................$46.00per pg.

              Matted Panorama Page                 $160.00 ea.

The Manhattan  Coffee Table Book             add $200.00

     Artisan made 10x10 matted album by AlbumCrafters, bound in Leather, Suede, Silk or Linen.  

     Each 10x10 photograph is coated for protection and mounted directly to 

     a matted page.  This album incorporates Designer album layouts to create 

     unique photographs and a contemporary edge.  Light retouching included.

Album includes 30-10x10 sides.

   Additional 2-10x10 matted pages   $68.00

 The Modern Image Coffee Table Book       add $400.00

      Artisan made flush coffee table album by AlbumCrafters.  

       The  pages are thicker than the NuVision and the cover is crafted in Leather, Suede, Linen or Silk.   This album incorporates 

       Designer Album pages or Custom Album pages to create unique and contemporary layouts. 

       Retouching included.

Album includes 30 -10x10 sides 


  •       2-10x10 sides       $ 68.00
  •       Full Panorama    $ 68.00EA.   
  •      Cover Cameo        $ 90.00EA.
  •      12x12 upgrade      $400.00

The Leather Library                      add $700.00

     A hand made reversible bound album, crafted 

      in Leather, Silk, Suede or Linen. Each photograph is elegantly  hand mounted 

     and coated on a matted page(Black, White, Grey or Sepia), allowing the 

      book to be viewed without turning. Gilding and two lines of engraving

     are included.  Multiple photographs on a page additional. 

     Light  retouching included.

Album includes; 20 - 8x10 photograph pages & 10-multi photograph pages

     Album Additions:

  •          One 8x10 Photograph $30.00EA.
  •          Two 5x7 Photographs $48.00 per PG.
  •          One 5x7 and 2-4x5 photographs $60.00 per PG.
  •         Four 4x5 photographs $68.00 per PG.
  •         Full Panorama Page $160.00EA.
  •         Cover Cameo   $90.00
  •         Invitation Page $30.00

Please Call for Additional options.


Grandparent & Gift Albums

The NuVision

A photographic album crafted in Bonded Leather. 

   Pages are created using Designer Album pages.

   Includes two lines of engraving.

5x5 Album with 20-Pages              $399.00EA.

Additional 2-5x5 photographic pages         $30.00

8x8 Album with 20-Pages             $599.00EA.

Additional 2-8x8 photographic pages          $40.00.

Renaissance Library

A reversible slip-in album crafted in Leather or Mooless Leather.  Each 5x7 photograph is matted 

and inserted in the page.  Album comes with black pages and includes two lines of engraving

A 5x7 album with Twenty photographs                           $549.00ea.

       Additional 5x7 photographs.....$21.00

The Leather Library

Artisan made reversible bound album by AlbumCrafters, bound

in leather. Page colors (Black, Ivory, Grey & Sepia).

Includes two lines of engraving.

5x7 Album with 20-Photographs      $699.00EA.

Additional 5x7 photographs $24.00EA


Additional Photographs

24-Fine Art Thank You cards.......$72.00 

Wallet photographs (2 per pose) $ 10.00(2)

4x5 photograph with folder $12.00EA.

4x6 photograph with folder $15.00EA.

5x7 photograph with folder $18.00EA.

8x10 photograph with folder $24.00EA.


11x14 photograph mounted &  UV coated     $65.00ea.           

16x20 photograph mounted & UV coated     $125.00ea.        

20x24 photograph  Mounted    UV coated      $180.00ea.     

Custom Framing Available   

Canvas Wrap Photographs

11x14...$180.00   16x20...$300.00   20x24...$400.00

High Resolution Files on DVD   (**Delivered on completion of Album order) 

Additional Services

  • Additional photographic coverage is $150.00 per hour
  • Assistant/Double Lighting for your Reception $300.00. 
  • Prices do not include complex artwork
  • Massachusetts Sales tax not included.
  • Parking, Tolls and Permits Additional
  • All prices guaranteed for five months after the Bar/Bat Mitzvah date.
  • Not responsible for typographical errors.
  • Prices subject to change without notice .
  •  Checks, Discover, American Express, Visa & MasterCard accepted.



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